The Pretzel Medal
Plaster, old pretzel, Berlin, 2006


I never won anything. Once I was so close to the winning point!  I was on the flight  to Rome to film a documentary about my first love when I bought the scratch card (just for fun). I scratched my card, then went to toilet, taking card with me. I could hear my number being announced! Untill I got out of the cabin, the crew gave my price to someone else.

In the state of my endless frustration, maybe even hatered towards I do not know who, I believed that winning is not my kind of thing. I actually laughed at myself. This piece of work referes to the status of "being the best". I created a plaster medal out of the rotten pretzel, then I awarded it to myself as a trophy. 

Some people collect trophies, then dusting them all their lives. This piece of art also applies to a pure art - as I strongly believe, it never needs to beg for the audience.  In my perception, collecting trophies is useless and can easilly accompany the "FOMO diagnoses".

Art deserves silence, its own time-passing, freedom and independence.