EXTRACT/ 2001-now & BUTIK ZUZANA / 2003-now

VÝSKUM / RESEARCH - with photographer Robert Tappert in Gallery of Ludovit Fulla, the Slovak National Gallery in Slovakia, 18th Feb.- 27th March 2016.

"Baudrillard's postmodern world is also one in which previously important boundaries and distinctions — such as those between social classes, genders, political leanings, and once autonomous realms of society and culture — lose power. If modern societies, for classical social theory, were characterized by differentiation, for Baudrillard, postmodern societies are characterized by dedifferentiation, the “collapse” of (the power of) distinctions, or implosion. In Baudrillard's society of simulation, the realms of economics, politics, culture, sexuality, and the social all implode into each other. In this implosive mix, economics is fundamentally shaped by culture, politics, and other spheres, while art, once a sphere of potential difference and opposition, is absorbed into the economic and political, while sexuality is everywhere."


BOUTIQUE ZUZANA / Found on the public computer, 2005